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Website Development Services

Static Website Designing

Static website design is the most elementary type of website design. In this type, the pages are fixed and same for every visitor that sees your website. We, at Amphy Technolabs help you to form your website and design it in a way that not only attracts your customers but also enhance the reach and expand your business.
Static websites aren’t only fast, but also cheap and easy to use. Contact Amphy Technolabs now for best services in New York city!

Dynamic Website Designing

In this competitive era, the major challenge for every business is to be on their toes and be updated. Dynamic website designing increases pool of loyal customers which directly impacts sales and profits. It will enable your customers to easily access your websites and learn most about your business.
Dynamic website design helps you make updates to your website easily with the help of CMS. Updating static websites is a slow process, in such cases dynamic websites can be used. The biggest benefit of using dynamic website is that you can manage and update the content from any laptop from any place in the world.

Responsive Website Designing

We help you create a user-friendly website which is independent on the user's device. This makes their experience better and ultimately results in better response to your business. To attract more number of visitors, your website has to be unique and stand out from the rest. We aim at developing a well-designed website that accommodates the needs of your business.
Reach out to Amphy Technolabs, one of the best website designing companies in the city! We cater to all your professional and business needs.

Website Redesign

Tired of your old website? Does your website match the taste of today's generation? If not, contact us! We can help you redesign your website with renewed content, layouts to help your business meet its goals. Our team of experts will cater to your individual and business requirements thereby making your website custom-made and look more proficient.
In the era where marketing and advertisement is one of the most important toolsto boost your business, make sure to keep your website unique, updated and user-friendly. Amphy Technolabs is your go-to option for this!

Website Maintanance

Our goal is to give your website a strong market presence, hence attracting more customers. The key to this is regular updates and corrections of any defects and glitches. Contact us today and we will help you maintain your website. It is of utmost importance to sustain your website to attract more customers, to stay in the market as well as for security purpose.
Keep up with the latest trends and customer requirements. A well-presented andwell-designed website can provide amazing advantages to your business. It will help you have an edge in the competitive market.

Portal Development

If you are looking for developing a web portal, Amphy Technolabs is your go-to option! Creating a portal means creating a pool of information from different sources. It helps your customer to find the most useful information easily, thereby creating a user-friendly experience.
Your customers can interact with the data on the portal thus forming a two-way communication. It provides extremely distinct and customised experience This will help you boost your business.
Amphy Technolabs is your all-time destination for this! Contact us today to increase the pool of your customers and grow your business.

Classified Website Development

We also help you build classified websites. The main feature of this is that it is custom made. Get your website built in a cost-efficient way.
We help you build an organized content and design for your website so that customers can easily find what they want which improves the engagement significantly and enhances user experience.

E-commerce Website Development

With growing competition in the market, Ecommerce websites are your go-to solution to expand your business. We aim at planning top-notch ideas for your Ecommerce website, making its presence amazing, so that more clients visit your website. We help you form an appealing website which is customised and adapts to your needs.
We also ensure that your website is customer-friendly and allows easy transactions and payment processing so that more and more customers visit it and finds it convenient to use. It is important that your website is well-designed. This helps to form an easy communication channel between your website and the visitors. It also makes your website easily accessible to the audience.

PHP Website Development

It is a scripting language used to build websites, Ecommerce sites, used for portal development, blogging websites etc. WordPress, one of the best platformsfor building websites is based on PHP. It is used to build static as well as dynamicwebsites. It is easy to use, quick and it does not depend on the platform.
It is flexible to use and easily connects with the database. It has great speed hence slow internet connection does not cause any problems. We use PHP to create various applications and websites according to your needs.

REST API Development

It is an application programming interface. The biggest benefit of RESTful API is its flexibility. It is a great tool for organisation as it provides security by separating the clients from the server. It is not dependant on the platform or language that is being used allowing you to try and test new platforms.
Amphy Technolabs is here to provide you best facilities in Edmonton!

Cutting edge Technologies

We @AmphyTechnolabs provides you the best cutting edge technologies. e.g. PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, GraphQL, Python, ReactJS, NodeJS, MERN Stack Development, MEAN Stack Development, SCSS, SASS, Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc...

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Our Services

Modern day challanges require modern day solutions. Our products and services help you seamlessly connect to your customers and partners in this ever-changing world of technology.

App Development | Amphy Technolabs

App Development

Build and develop applications that run on mobile devices enabling you and your customers to use it on-the-go.

CMS |  Amphy Technolabs

CMS Development

Create content management systems to manage the creation and modification of digital content.

Web Development |  Amphy Technolabs

Web Development

Scale and modernize web application which securely and seamlessly helps you connect to your customers and partners.

Digital Marketing |  Amphy Technolabs

Digital Marketing

Combine the modern-day platforms with organic tactics to increase the quantity and quality of traffic on your web-page.

Grapics Designing |  Amphy Technolabs

Graphic Designing

Use proven methods that catch the attention of users by reinforcing your products and services through visual communication.

Cloud Computing |  Amphy Technolabs


Increase organic traffic through search engine optimization using tried and tested methods to increase the visibility of your website.